Wednesday, January 13, 2016

how to install Bluestack on pc With 1GB RAM in 2016

Now Install Bluestacks on pc with 1GB RAM and Low memory Graphic card
How to Install bluestacks APP with 1GB RAM and Low Graphics card !!
while install Bluestacks App there may be many people who suffering from error like"Graphic card should be updated ".Graphics Card can supported or "insufficient memory or hardware error"
                      While Install blueStacks in their low system.

All  Information About App is here .Simplify Method to install and Enjoy the App like in Play store....

             Installation Of BlueStacks 

  1. Download And install ORca
  2. Download the Blue Stacks offline Installer file
  3. Go to the Directory where you Download the offline Installer
  4. Right Click on the Blue stacks Installer and Select  "Edit with Orca"
  5. A new window will open in orca
  6. Click on"Launch condition " and select "physical Memory >=1024"
  7. delete the option and press ok
  8. now go to "InstallExecuteSequence" and select "CheckMisSignature"
  9. Delete the option and press OK
  10. Now GOTO property and double click on "TRUE" value of GOLMOD .Replace it will "FALSE 
  11. "and press Enter
  12. now click on save button icon and close Orca Software.
  13. Now trying to install offline Blue Stacks .


Feature about Blue Stacks

Easy to use like Play Store app.
Easy to understandable
having a lot app Whats app , candy crash
Using It And Enjoy ....................