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hey, Friends today i am sharing new trick with our pakistani Visitor  who said Sir give  a trick for free internet So ready for Enjoy 3G,4G fastest speed first of All Especially Mobilink user follow Me Online jobs Portals

Check Balance . 
Now open any site on your Cell phone .sure you have no balance
             Psiphon 82 APK
Psiphon 82 APK has been updated a few days ago and now the handler version is converted by debbz. This app is very popular and it’s one of top communication apps for Android. Download and install it to your phone if you want to use it. Lately, in one of the Android community on Facebook was busy discussing about this app. For those of you who do not know what it is, which is a tool for accessing the Internet through a secure network, also called a VPN.
                                   Psiphon 82 APK      Setting First Software

From his official page on Google Play described can be used to secure Internet network for you who like to take advantage of free WiFi in cafes or in public places. Other advantages, it is able to open the site in a sensor or blocked by the operator of the Android device. That makes the app selling these days, just like other VPN applications, and by some members there transformed into the application to access the internet for free.Over a million people across the world are already using Psiphon’s censorship circumvention tool to access Internet sites and services that are blocked or otherwise unavailable through their normal service provider. Whether it’s to access sites that your provider is blocking, or to add a layer of protection when using open Wi-fi services, this app is the best tool for accessing the open Internet.
                                   Psiphon 82 APK Setting Sotware

Features of Psiphon 82 APK / Handler
* Browser or VPN (whole-device)
mode, so you can choose whether to tunnel everything or just your web browser.

* In-app stats telling you how much traffic you’ve been using.

* Free for personal use! Contact us directly for corporate licensing.

* Featured on Best VPN.

* It is an open source project

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